Clip on Veneers

Looking for a new smile in Windsor, A smile with all the hollywood wow but without the price tag. Then behold the Clip on veneer. The ultimate in smile makeovers at a affordable price. The long and short of these great devices are a special kit box that you receive after order and you take a mould of your mouth. these great new tooth covering devices are amazing. They make you a new smile that just clips over your teeth. Well The great news is they have offered us guys here a device to try out. So when the kit gets here later this week I will document the whole process to for you and let you guy be the final judge on how good these clip on veneers actually are. How well they snap on and are the worth all the hype.

Will the clip on veneer be what we think.

The clip in veneer will be a great thing and we love the fact we are going to try one out. There is no better time to have a new smile then summer and the excitement is maximising here. The results I believe will be impressive. The fact that these things just clip over your teeth and you need no prep or damage to the teeth is amazing.

Until the bits arrive and I can show you all the new smile process I will leave you with the following images.

Clip on veneer

Thing that go in the mouth